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Pringles chips

cheese cubes (Watou)

salami cubes

cheese (Watou) & salami cubes

fried mini snacks (8 pcs)

plate of cold cuts (3)

bruschetta smoked salmon (6 pcs)

flatbread – pomodorella – mozzarella – Italian ham


Soup of the day

Homemade cheese croquettes (2 pcs)

Grey shrimp croquettes – parsley (2 pcs)

Scampi - garlic sauce – salad

Homemade goose liver paté – onion confit - toast

Main dishes

Beef burger – Watou cheese – chips

Steak – chips – salad * nature, peppersauce, mushroom, béarnaise, baked goose liver paté

Gratinated Northsea fish stew – mashed potatoes

Cod fish  « aan de Schreve »,  – vegetables  – cream sauce – mashed potatoes

Eel – chips * in green (sorrel & spinach), provencale, panfried, in cream, from the chef


Homemade cheese croquettes  – salad

Grey shrimp croquettes  – salad

Salad with scampi – garlic sauce

Salad - goat cheese

Caesar salad: chicken – bread crusts – parmesan

Smoked salmon salad - toast - garniture

Salad Amfora: grey shrimp croquette - smoked salmon - parmaham – scampi   (+ suppl baked goose liver paté)

Vegetarian burger with warm vegetables

Vegetarian ravioli – spinach - ricotta


“Dame Blanche” ice cream coupe (with whipped cream and chocolate sauce)

“Brésilienne” ice cream coupe (with caramel sauce and Brazil nut granules)

Eggnog ice cream coupe

Vanilla ice cream coupe

Vanilla ice cream coupe with fresh strawberries (seasonal)

Vanilla ice cream with fresh fruits

Lemon and strawberry sorbet


Coffee with sweets

Tea with sweets

Warm apple pie with ice cream and whipped cream

Poperinge mazarin cake; local warm dessert covered in a sweet butter sauce with cinnamon

Poperinge mazarin cake with vanilla ice cream

Chocolate mousse

Fresh fruit salad

Crème Brulée